Where Is The Offense? North Texas 46 FAU 50

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North Texas dropped a big game vs a rising FAU squad that came in boasting lots of returning guys eager to right perceived wrongs of last year. North Texas is integrating new transfers into a program that has a lot of wins and a habit for filling the trophy case. Tonight was a big game…

As I wrote here, I am getting to that point where I am very concerned about the shooting. FIU shouldn’t be as much of a problem, but WKU/Middle are different animals and will present bigger problems.

This was the most litrell era football feeling game of north texas basketball I remember. Maybe save whatever the end of last season was in the CUSA tourney. We were all the way in control playing our style. Abou’s back to back fouls were bad.

I used to think its bad offense design for UNT but there were… 7 or 8 three ball shots that had no one anywhere near by.

Rubin is struggling with post injury confidence. Playing good defense and getting to the middle of the court to create, but seems out of control with the ball often and not confident in his shot.

Kai is good down hill but really really streaky in his contributions. Hes eitber slicing defenses or not contributing much.

Martinez plays great has good footwork on d and rebounds well. If he gets his 3 ball going anywhere near career numbers he will add a ton of value… but its just not falling.

Eady cant find the bottom of the net and is a good career shooter.

Stone shows flashes but its his night or its not.

You have to hope they creep towards their career numbers but this stretch of the beginning of the season has been abysmall.

You have to hope this galvenizes the team losing like that and rights the ship… but currently only two guys bring offense consistently and if they are off or in foul trouble the wheels come off the wagon.

Id like to see them expand aaron scotts role… hes starting to feel like… a more athletic jj murray and we need a little more.

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FAU scored 26% of its points in the last 4 minutes of the game. NT scored 0% of its points in that same time period. They picked the wrong time, all 40 minutes, to go cold on the three-ball. That said, Abou fouling out probably changed the outcome of the game.


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I think you both make good points @untcampbell @Rynehardt – like, an element of basketball is just about the timing of points. But that’s also the game right? Like, how to increase the likelihood of the timing being in your favor. You take good shots – high percentage shots – because they are more likely to go in.

I think NT does create good shots, but not enough, and the confidence you mentioned – Stone rebounding but looking desperately for anyone to give the ball too – means it is on one or two guys to score.

That’s Perry, that’s Ousmane, and maybe Kai – but he was off tonight.

For me the frustration is that NT didn’t take advantage of a game they had all but won.

Thats exactly my football reference. We grasped defeat from the jaws of victory. Its definitely the one that got away.

For me the interesting question is “why” as in what was the reason we couldn’t score. Credit FAU for playing good defense, give the refs credit for being shit, but also find where we could generate offense easier.

16:08 a missed shove by FAU in the rebound to stop play

15:38 a questionable rebound call on UNT in the paint

13:21 a questionable foul call on stone for defense

12:20 a missed foul call on FAU to cause huntsberry to miss

12:06 a missed turnover call by refs

12:02 FAU 3 point flop, announcers laughing

11:33 a questionable call on Scott for a set charge

11:25 worst foul call on huntsberry with a shove after a steal

9:45 offensive shove on perry…… no idea how

8:31 missed foul call on FAU to make huntsberry miss

7:36 worst offensive foul called on perry for a shove, announcers laughing

6:38 missed flop call on FAU

6:06 ref yells at UNT bench

5:19 a questionable foul on UNT again… looked like a flop

3:35 another questionable offensive push off call… on huntsberry

3:00 announcers start talking about how perry has changed up his game because of bad offensive foul calls… 110% agree

2:16 huge missed flop call for FAU called a foul on UNT, their center sold a crotch shot when no one could reach his front side….

Halftime: tech called on FAU player not surprised

19:06 Abou gets fouled by center, who tries to sell another injury

17:01 a missed foul call on FAU center, announcers even thought it was a foul

16:09 a terrible call on Scott for a foul when FAUs center set a moving screen to trip him.

16:01 finally called a flop on FAU for tripping a UNT player. Called a tech

15:20 a big missed chop block foul when Abou was going for ball

14:14 a missed and 1 call for Perry

13:58 a bad foul call against perry

12:55 FAUs center keeps trying to sell a foul when he can’t get a rebound, keeps shouting

12:28 a missed charge call players even looked at ref

12:02 a missed kick ball but a low called foul on FAU, center keeps making faces and complaining to refs.

11:32 you will notice their center likes to set moving screens throughout the game

10:46 a missed holding screen by FAU center… refs love him

6:57 they call a pretty weak foul against FAU

5:45 they missed a foul call when perry brought up the ball, FAU player reached then bodied him

4:06 very late whistle call on foul from huntsberry

3:58 very questionable 4th foul against Abou that changes the whole game

2:08 loose ball 2 UNT players have their hands on it, FAU center jumps on the back of Rubo doesn’t have a hand on the ball…. Refs call jump ball, announcers confused

1:32 obvious UNT ball but refs take 5 minutes to review

:40 missed foul call, Rubo gets tackled, Mac ready to throw down!

:09 pretty dirty play, Rubo blocked the shot, FAU player falls on his back

This was the worst called game I’ve ever seen! We can beat FAU, the 3 ball was not falling, but the refs were not helping they prevented us from driving the paint like we are used to because too many fake offensive charge calls and too many missed fouls. Perry and rubo were frustrated with the refs and Mac almost lost it a few times.

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