Tulsa, St. Johns

I still don’t have a good plan for using this. The idea was to have an option as an alternative to other boards and stuff with the full knowledge that network effects have long rendered this one as an afterthought. That said, I am going to keep on posting like that one dude in the bbs boards.

I will be driving down to Tulsa this weekend. I will be watching the NT game vs St. Johns. I am hyped. I expect nothing and everything. The whole concept of early-season college hoops is fun, but the season is so long and there is so much that can happen that we really don’t learn too much.


So the St. John’s game was encouraging. The LSU game was also, the Towson win was nice. The squad gets a week off and its back to the regular season schedule. NT didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity, but I don’t think they hurt themselves in any kind of way.

The first and foremost goal is to get better for March, and they did so. The secondary goal of improving the resume and all that wasn’t accomplished, but the resume wasn’t ruined or anything.

Wrote a recap (very light, very high level) of the week:

I’m planning to visit this place more often. Thanks for all you do!

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