Random: Best Sport to Attend with your Children

I have season tix to college hoops, and go to baseball games a lot. I love college football and I take my kids to all of these but I think the order of kid (under 10) sports games to take your kids to is:

  1. baseball.
  2. basketball (pro/college but college is a better value).
  3. soccer
  4. CFB
  5. pro football
  6. indoor soccer (underrated)

I haven’t been to hockey since I was a kid so I have nothing there for you.

i mostly agree with your list, but at this point in my life i have no desire to watch an NFL game in person and i would probably put hockey above it.

I have two baby boys and i know they will one day want to watch a game at Nissan Stadium (about 7 miles from our house), and I’m going to have little fun that day. Something about the type of fan make it less fun than almost any other sporting event i’ve ever been to.

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yeah NFL has more guys that want to fight you for some reason. That said, a random Houston Dynamo fan wanted to fight me in Houston (I was wearing a NYRed Bull shirt) but he was drunk and I was in opposition colors so I sort of get it.

Let me just add that baseball is far-and-away the better option. Souvenirs (foul balls), leisurely pace, good food/drinks. Minor league or major its just better. Basketball is second by a while just because of the arena-music, loud stuff. Kids get into that.

Soccer captures their interest but if you get good seats they stand the whole time so I had to hold the smallest kid to allow for some views. Else, you are climbing up in the sky and that’s not fun when they have to use the rr.

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