MSST - in Tupelo 2023

NT is playing sunday afternoon basketball in Tupelo, MS vs Mississippi State. Lets’ see what we get, in what hopefully is Walker’s debut?

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Waiting to see what is what:

MSST going on a little run after going down seven. NT pushes back, but its been back and forth defense here. MSST with extra defensive energy. NT needs to weather this late-half storm.

NT 27-MSST 22 5:00

Okay after a run ending with it tied at 30, NT got a yuuuuge bucket from Scott, working his way for a layup. NT up two with 55s left 32-30. Now fouled State. They are at the line.

HALF: NT down 32-26 – a 6-0 run for state. A 14-2 run over the last 3 minutes and change.

Scott leads NT with 10. Buggs is 1-5. Edwards is 2-6.

Game over – NT gets rocked 54-72. The second half saw NT shoot terribly, get out hustled, get out muscled, and fall to MSST in Tupelo.

No Rondel Walker, no moral victory. Just a butt-whooping right before UT-Arlington.