Mike Leach Chris Brown Thread

I was a big fan of Mike Leach. In 1999 I was fascinated by a team that would go out and throw the ball like that. I had grown up watching teams just run the ball and be very conservative. A coach/team that would throw the ball the whole time? They were playing video game stuff! It was crazy.

I don’t know if Morris is going to go classic Air Raid, as Leach was the last “purist” – but I know everyone has a little bit of it in their system. Really, the thing about Leach wasn’t so much the plays, but his philosophy of keeping only a handful of plays so you can be great at them, and if you were going to add one, you dropped another. It was about being great at whatever it was you decided to do.

That helped you believe in what you were doing, and translated on to the field.