Louisiana Tech 1/11/23 thread

I watched (half watched while sitting in meetings) two Tech games. They don’t strike me as crisp or as tight defensively. They still have a ton of talent — Cobe Williams, Keaston Willis, I Crawford.

I think NT bottled them up defensively but I can see Cobe doing some McBride stuff

I feel much better about thisbgame now that Lofton is in the NBA/Gleague

I don’t have it in front of me but I think NT did well vs Lofton in his career. That semifinal loss really stands out but it wasn’t Lofton that balled out. It was Cobe Williams and missing a bunch of shots

Big time bucket from Kai, who up to that point had been missing some bunnies and looked cold. Apparently Mac told him to ‘go win the game’ and he did.

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