FAU Is Good As Hell

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Some random links. The thing is that they aren’t doing anything super special, but they are good at what they do because they have a ton of experience and talent. That’s really it. It’s the classic mid-major thing where they have been together for a while.

They are really balanced and that’s what stands out. You look at UAB and NT and they are really good in one area but struggle in the other. FAU is good defensively and offensively.

Here is a thought that has been sticking in my mind.

NT is the best team in CUSA when Ousmane is on the floor. There is no doubt that NT beats FAU if he doesn’t foul out.

Another thing that I wonder is if NT has enough front court depth to beat UAB.

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FIU took them to OT last night but the whole league is weird. WKU jumped up and bit UAB on the road as well and obviously La Tech gave NT a hell of a game.

I think NT played FAU very close and had the game in the bag but for that late meltdown – that can happen in college hoops but I like that NT led throughout that one.