FAU 1/14 Thread

I wrote a little preview

Tough loss. NT shot 57% in the second half. 45% from three. That
Mac Tech was bad and the call outrageous. Perry missing 2 FTs was worse than the 3 he missed.

I don’t hate that shot — took too long to get off and it looked like NT had no other ideas but he created space, got the shot off with a clean look. Some may disagree — apparently some dude that texts with Ex-players — but that’s not the worst look you could get. Had some rhythm.

To me the game hinging on that shot means the game was lost elsewhere.

tough loss. I don’t think there’s any point in the remaining schedule where we “fix” our offense. I have this gut feeling we will be fine with our defense, our offense will explode a few times, but in the end those lapses on O will doom us in a tournament loss.

I think the lapses on defense in this one worried me more. I think a game where NT shoots this well is a winnable game. FAU is very good.