Attendance, Support, and Value

Mosley called everyone out and asked for more money (such an AD move haha). I saw this from d1.ticker this morning about people’s behavior: essentially people are spending money but not going to games. They don’t go to unimportant matchups nor midweek games.

  1. Glad we got out of the CUSA and
  2. It means we need premium matchups.
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More on this – I bought season tickets to SLU games here in STL, and it is fun, but hard to get to those midweek games. And that is for hoops, which is relatively comfortable and easy to get to. Football is a gigantic event that costs money even with tickets.

So if I bought season tickets to NT games in Denton, for me that’s either 20 hrs in the car OR $1700 per weekend flights+hotel. The likely scenario is not buying those tickets, but if were moved to do so, I really would only be going for the big games.

If there was a Wednesday game vs like, Tulsa? Hell no.