11/29 AAC basketball thread

Let’s watch some league hoops.

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I’m currently watching Wichita St/Richmond – Davidson-La-Salle – SMU - Dayton-- and Davidson - Charlotte on the multi-view on ESPN+

okay Charlotte started 11-0 vs Davidson. This should be an even matchup but Davidson is getting run off the court.

Meanwhile, SMU is out and running but let Dayton get a couple wide open looks. SMU looks bouncy. I See Temple is beating La-Salle but not watching too closely

I went down a rabbit hole looking up these squads in the Almanac, and on kenpom, just checking on things.

I live in STL, and last night I went to SLU vs Utah State, and saw Great Osabor. I had no idea he was playing so well. See screenshot below. My eyes told me “that dude is good!” and I was enjoying him killing the smallish SLU lineup.

I got lost just looking up stuff. Back to watching though.

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SMU flies around but they leave Dayton some wiiide open looks. Credit to the FLyers – they are a good squad and don’t get rattled by the size and athleticism.

Hudson from SMU is firing threes now, just hit two. ALso mixed in a big block, but then got worked on a dribble drive from the perimeter. Silly sequence.

Wichita State pulled away late. The Davison/CLT feed cut out, so I watched a little Tennessee/Duke for a bit. Temple/La Salle in OT. La Salle looks like they were imported from 1994. The shiny jerseys, the players. Its weird.

Davidson is winning in CLT. CLt look stagnant and are getting beat on some good offensive execution by Davison, getting into the paint.

So there is a locality factor we have to consider in this LaSalle game. Temple isn’t great but they aren’t bad. La Salle is in the 200s in Kenpom and is up 3 with 36 seconds left. Two Owls fouled out, and one guy got a technical and is sitting. It’s been a meltdown here.

Temple with a chance to win. La Salle’s Bradley missed two free throws to go up 2. Temple now with the ball and 9.1 left. Bradley has played every minute. Just gassed. This game is crazy.

Meanwhile SMU is down two with 41s left. Dayton has gotten some big buckets here.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has been slowly coming back over the last two minutes. Davidson has been in a FT shooting contest. Patterson from CLT has hit some big threes, but this one is a 4 point game with 8.7 left. Fairly comfy for Davidson on the road right now

SMU loses by two. Dayton played well especially late. SMU had a chance to sneak a win with a three at the buzzer but it fell short.

Meanwhile, I said Bradley but I should have written Brantley for La Salle. La Salle are gassed and Temple is getting dump off dunks and La Salle is missing free throws.

CLT lost at home to Davidson, letting 42 for Davidson just get easy buckets around the rim. He had 30.

Okay so SMU, CLT lost. Temple escaped in 3OT. Not good for the old league resume so much, but so it goes.